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    “Negotiate were comprehensive”. Shipp says he did an open records request and that the earliest record returned is from a month before the deal was signed. I think that’s his point, they can “talk” for a year, but they’re claiming that nothing went on paper until a month before it happened?
    “Economic development is happening near the ballpark”. So what is the lead time on economic development? The ballpark has been there for 22 years. The old park was there for like 20 years before that. How much Eco dev is specifically due to the ballpark? How does their growth compare to other cities, etc…
    So he admits that the rangers have the option of using that tax money to pay for construction. Shipp estimates that conservatively at 300million over the course of the lease. So if they DO collect that tax, and keep it, their direct investment drops to 200 million, flipping it from fifty fifty to 80-20.
    Shipp said today that the Rangers also have the option to collect that tax and return that money to the City of Arlington. Funny how that’s not being talked about by this guy.

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      Warren Norred

      Steve has it right.

      The new CEO does himself badly. This is a poor response. The proponents paint a picture that the team is paying 50%, and the citizens are paying 50%. Turns out that the team is paying up to $50M in development costs, and the city is going to pass a ticket tax that exists to pay for the city side, but instead is going to be attributed to the Ranger side.

      They might as well attribute the sales tax side to the Rangers and say that the Rangers are paying 100%.


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